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I was an art club weirdo in school, more into drawing and painting than football games and parties. I had other interests too. I got my master’s degree in international policy studies, but at heart I was, and still am, an art nerd.

Digital art is my newest medium. I love doing work that can be reproduced for lots of eyeballs to see.

While you may look at my work and see an eclectic hodge podge of topics and designs, they always come from somewhere in my soul. Much of my work is political, after all I did major in political science and continue to stay engaged. But I also love cute animals and beautiful flowers. I draw things that make me laugh or feel inspired.

As a hard core introvert, it’s not easy to get myself out there, but I really want to. When you see or wear my artwork, I want you to laugh, feel inspired, express your opinion, or just be cute. I do it to stay sane, but I also do it for you.

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